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Top weekend trips with kids in Hyderabad

One of India’s most culturally enriched cities, Hyderabad is not short of places to take kids out for a learning experience. The city of pearls is loaded with enthusiasm, fun, and laughter. A perfect blend of modern structures and historical heritage, Hyderabad has it all! Planning a quick weekend trip in and around the city? We’ve got you covered. Check out some of the top weekend trips with kids in Hyderabad.

  • Ananthagiri Hills- Situated some 80 km away from Hyderabad, you will be surprised to witness the serenity of this majestic place. No other place can offer you calmness, the way this does. Set up camp and closely observe the sun lighting up the whole scene while the clouds embrace the Ananthagiri Hills. Captivate yourself as the surrounding calmness melts your heart to joy.

  • Warangal- Let your child’s inner history geek explore, as you visit Warangal fort. The glorious architecture features 45 towers and four major gates of the fort and will make you go wow. Spend your afternoon at the Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary and hang out with some of the coolest animals there.

  • Bidar- Once the capital of the Bahmani Sultanate, the magnificent Bidar fortress is renowned as both a religious and historical place. Nestled on top of a hill, many film directors have chosen this place as a shooting spot for many beautiful movies. Narasimha Jhira Cave, Rangeen Mahal, Bahmani Tombs, and Taraksh Mahal are many famous tourist spots in Bidar.

  • Nagarjuna Sagar Dam- Built on the Krishna River, Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is an island between the reservoir. Did you know Buddhist religious communities live in the tallest masonry dam in the world? Nagarjunakonda, named after Nagarjuna, a South Indian Buddhist master of the 2nd century, is one of the most important Buddhist historic sites located here. Your weekend educational trip from Hyderabad must have this dam in the itinerary!

  • Karimnagar- The history fanatic in you will love this place! Make sure your camera card is free, as the region provides some of the most spectacular architectural marvels. Besides this, the Lower Manair Dam is an eye-pleasing site for many visitors and Elgandal Fort and Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary make it a perfect weekend destination for families.

  • Kurnool- Belum Caves, one of the significant attractions of Kurnool, is the former capital of Andhra Pradesh. Inhabited on the banks of the Tungabhadra River, this place's ancient relics will surely intrigue history buffs. Tomb of Abdul Wahab and Orvakallu Rock Garden are top attractions in the Gateway of Rayalaseema, surely to impress your eyes, and more importantly your soul!

  • Guntur- During your educational trip to Hyderabad, remember to drop by some of Guntur’s museums, caves, parks, and monuments. The Kondaveedu Fort is the major attraction of the city. In addition to visiting the famous fort, the bird sanctuary here will get you a glimpse of some of the unique migratory birds.

  • Adilabad- If you want to indulge some of your time in experiential learning, Adilabad is just the place for you. From multiple wildlife sanctuaries to trekking, the multi-cultural town is renowned for pilgrimage. It does not matter if you are an adventure enthusiast or nature lover; this place welcomes all kinds of travellers.

  • Hampi- You can’t call yourself a true tourist if you miss the opportunity of visiting Hampi. One of the most important UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the city of ruins is home to innumerable ancient monuments. Lauded by locals and tourists all over the world, Hampi is simply magnificent! Additionally, it is an abode of extraordinary temples and breathtaking architecture. Hampi Bazaar Street and its mesmerising sunrise and sunsets are something which you cannot miss!

  • Badami- Badami is home to four sandstone cave temples and is known for its famous stone-cut temples. Formerly known as Vatapi, no tourist misses the chance to see monkeys flock around in natural spaces. Your weekend learning trip in Hyderabad will be unforgettable while exploring the ruins of the great Chalukya Dynasty.

So, have we convinced you enough to consider Hyderabad as your next travel destination? Stay tuned to our page for more such informative blogs. EdOutdoors is an e-learning platform that works on mentoring, real-world learning experiences, and activities. Join us if you want to explore new landscapes, places, and industries.

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