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12 things you must pack for a school trip

You’ll not see a more excited child than one who has a trip the next day! Trips are some of the most interesting things that not only kids but everyone looks forward to. With the lockdown rules almost disappearing, school trips are back on track. But how must a child pack for his/her school trip? Having a list will always ensure that kids do not miss carrying an essential item. Ask them to draw up a list and help them with certain things, as they go ticking off whatever they’ve packed.

Before beginning to pack, make sure you remember these things.

Things to Remember before going on a School Trip:

  1. Ensure kit list items are labelled on all things.

  2. Packing comfortable footwear and clothing

  3. Sufficient amount of things

  4. Packing a day or two before

  5. Keeping some extra t-shirts or an extra pair of socks

  6. Keeping an extra layer like a long sleeve, jacket or base.

  1. An extra outfit While the already packed outfits are enough for the trip, an extra pair of clothes must be kept. In case of outfits being torn, spoiled or stained, your child will find it easier to deal with the situation. Often some clothes might not dry fast enough or may tear during activities, keeping a backup does no harm!

  2. Emergency bottle of water in case of delays/breakdowns Sometimes, journeys get delayed. Children have to wait with their luggage for more than an hour or so for their flight, train, or even bus. Not only is it essential to keep yourself hydrated, but the extra water can also be given to anyone who needs it. In case of dehydration or dizziness, it is this water that comes to the rescue of children.

  3. Bin bags, kitchen roll, air freshener, and wet wipes- While children might be well dressed and hygienic, some of the places they visit might not. Unclean trains or restaurant tables pose a risk of infections. Carrying these cleaning essentials will help them avoid getting dirty or ill. Make sure to check the allowance of certain air fresheners according to travel rules and regulations before you pack them

  4. Games equipment- Grab a pair of badminton racquets, a cricket bat or a volleyball on a relaxing vacation to make them even more fun. Long travelling hours are best passes when you have a pack of cards or board games at your rescue.

  5. Notebook- Keeping a notebook allows students to jot down reminders of things communicated over the day. FIELD TRIPS provide a number of learning experiences that help them in their academics as well. Kids can note down some information they’ve learnt or simply maintain a trip diary too! Children can also note down the things they have already packed up and the things that are yet to be taken before leaving for home.

  6. Comfortable shoes- Comfortable shoes are non-negotiable. Ensure that they are not torn or give shoe bites. Kids need to be on their feet for longer times especially while hiking or going to places. Nobody wants sore feet when he/she is traveling with a group of students nationally or internationally. In addition to this, a pair of comfortable walking shoes or trainers keep away blisters and call for a fun journey. Carry along a pair of comfortable slippers to switch into when you are at a hotel.

  7. Toiletries- Essentials like toothpaste, soap, comb/hairbrush, hand sanitiser, spare set of glasses/contact lenses, toothbrush, conditioner/shampoo, deodorant, sunscreen or any kind of medication should be packed a day before. Carry these in a small pouch for easy access and make sure they follow the travel regulations

  8. Waterproofs- Kids need to stay dry and warm despite the weather. Having a pair of drizzle-defeating trousers and a waterproof and breathable jacket can be a lifesaver. So say no to invited cough and cold and stay safe from unpredictable weather

  9. Wellies- When it comes to practical packing, nothing beats wellies. They protect students against big muddy yomps and wet puddles. Another advantage of this is that they have no Velcro or laces, which makes it easier for them to be slipped on and off their feet.

  10. Glasses and sun hat- Along with getting amazing pictures with glasses and a hat on, they do serve an essential purpose of protecting you from the blazing heat. So no worries about getting your head hot = more fun!

  11. Healthy food- Travelling and hikes can be exhausting. Carry on some healthy snacks to keep nibbling on to keep your tummy happy. Healthy snacks like fruit, oat bars, and nuts are a perfect choice!

  12. Add-ons- Some interesting magazines, good old colouring books, and storybooks make a boring or long coach trip exciting and easier. They keep students occupied and say goodbye to boredom.

While the trip will be a total package of fun and excitement, efficient packing will help you deal with the unpredicted situation better. Looking for such amazing trips? EdOutdoors is an educational platform that takes students out on various recreational trips to ensure they can learn from nature, too!

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