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Where to take kids for vacation in India during Christmas?

With winter comes Christmas. It’s that time of the year when everyone, especially kids, gets ready to enjoy the most joyful festival of the year. The huge discounts on merchandise in shops, the delicious smell of candy and plum cakes floating through the aisles of the bakeries, the Christmas tree decorated in malls, and the sound of jingling bells tempt children to indulge in the festivity of the season. Explore one of the fun-filled times of the year by enjoying and exploring various places.

Christmas celebration is a huge affair in India. Discover the various places in India which remain filled with beautiful colors of festivity. Read on to know about the best places to take kids for vacation during the merry season.

  1. Shimla- Christmas celebration is done with great joy and fanfare since it consists of a small population that follows Christianity. A lot of tourists come here to witness the joyous aura of the season. The hills offer a fun-filled yet peaceful view of the festival. Here, the decoration can be seen in every place, including the churches, houses, and streets. Shimla is famous for the traditional cuisine cooked by locals of the region. Also, to celebrate the festive mood, they sing hymns and carols in the evening. If you want to spend your vacation listening to the local gospel music played in some of the churches, plan your Christmas holidays in the Queen of Hills.

  2. Pondicherry- Well-known for the beauty of the grand festival and the perfect blend of French tradition, Pondicherry is pure bliss during Christmas. The calm, quiet and clean beaches of this place are an ideal spot for celebrating the festival. The scenic glances of French culture and the fantastic architecture of churches make it a perfect location for celebrating Christmas in India.

  3. Manali- The combination of snow and Christmas enhances the spirit of the festival and makes a perfect setting for the most awaited festival. The charm and awe-inspiring beauty of the hills add to the alluring aura of Christmas. The exotic pine trees look beautiful when they are adorned with accessories and lights and covered in snow. The view becomes enticing and more captivating at night.

  4. Kolkata- Fondly called the City of Joy, Kolkata is one of the most famous locations to celebrate Christmas. Park Street, every year, dazzles kids with stars, lights, and other decorations. If you have a sweet tooth, you can have some exclusive Christmas delights at Flury’s. You can also get to listen to the sweet sound of carols at some popular churches. Did you know that St. Paul’s Cathedral organizes a midnight mass? Travelers from all around the world visit this place to see the Anglo-Indian communities celebrate the festival in traditional style. They even organize get-togethers and parties to celebrate the festival.

  5. Delhi- In a city that never sleeps, spending Christmas here is one of the best things children can do on vacation. During this season, the entire city gets decorated in the lights and colors of the festival. Delhi does not have a Christian population, but the festival in the city is celebrated with fanfare. When you are here, explore the traditional aspect of Christmas by attending the Capital City Minstrels choir concert and visiting the Sacred Heart Cathedral.

  6. Northeast- The Christian localities of the tribal region await the blissful occasion of Christmas throughout the year. The hilly towns become more dazzling and alive when the whole aura of Christmas becomes spectacular. Decorated with frills and lights, the streets of Northeast depict the pictures present on Christmas cards. Moreover, indulge in the traditional Christmas delicacies amidst the chilled aura of the season.

  7. Dadra and Nagar Haveli- Nagar Haveli and Dadra are the best places for a child to spend his/her vacation during Christmas. Celebrate Christmas with a tribal touch and enjoy the Midnight Mass organized in local churches. Witness the entire location filled with amazing enthusiasm and zeal, and get ready to have unlimited fun.

  8. Kerala- The backwaters of Kerala are one of the best places to spend the Christmas holidays in India. Kerala, this time, gets wonderfully decorated with stars and lights. Moreover, here you can walk together with Santa Claus and children wearing Christmas caps and crowns. In addition to this, indulge in a gorgeous visual treat in one of the best holiday destinations in the country.

  9. Goa- Renowned as the beach capital of the country, this beautiful destination welcomes a great number of tourists every year. The beach paradise becomes adorned with flower decorations and vibrant lights. Celebrate Christmas wholeheartedly with dance and music festivals here.

  10. Mumbai- Mumbai houses people of different religions and embraces the different cultures of India. Bhandra, Churchgate, and Hill Road are some popular places to celebrate Christmas with immense fervor. Also, most churches around the City of Dreams organize a midnight mass.

Instead of spending Christmas at home, visit one of these charming places to witness some of the best Christmas celebrations in India. Expect decorations, lighting, markets, and carols in such fun rituals. If work keeps you busy, you can plan your child's vacation with us at EdOutdoors, where we host many such field trips and recreational outdoor experiences for kids at various destinations around the world. Check out some of our upcoming expeditions here.

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