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21st Century schools' outdoor learning partner

An ecosystem for your students to access learning experiences beyond classrooms at industries, natural environments and historical settings 

Bringing global experiences to your school.

The only digitally powered partner you will need for your hands-on workshops & field trips across a wide range of skills & domains.

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2 Days / 1 Night

Adventure Galore | Trek & Camping

Beginner Trek | Rock Climbing & Ropes | Astronomy Session 


8 Hours

Milk & Milk Products: How are they made?

Cattle Farming | Dairy Processing | Zoology | Nutrition 101


3 Days / 2 Nights

Pondicherry Surfing Expedition

Beaches | Surfing | Heritage Walk | Intro to French Architecture

Every EdOutdoors experience follows a 4-step process

to ensure learning & growth no matter the age group.

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