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2 Days / 1 Night

Adventure Galore | Trek & Camping

Beginner Trek | Rock Climbing & Ropes | Astronomy Session 


8 Hours

Milk & Milk Products: How are they made?

Cattle Farming | Dairy Processing | Zoology | Nutrition 101


3 Days / 2 Nights

Pondicherry Surfing Expedition

Beaches | Surfing | Heritage Walk | Intro to French Architecture

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TRANSPORTING you to places where #ScienceHappens

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Cooking Outdoors


EDOUTDOORS is our travel based learning community to help kids explore new places, landscapes and industries. We work with handpicked experts to design the perfect learning experiences across India and the world, ensuring 100% safety and security. While our differences are many, our intentions are the same: to do all we can to create the Practical School for the world, and in doing so help young learners around India, create lives of meaning, satisfaction and consequence.

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We plan, manage, and deliver top notch programs

and give our heart and sweat every single time.

Plug & Play Experiences

End-To-End Management

Safety At Heart (COVID measures)

Hear from our past patrons!

Karthikeyan Dhanashekar

I went on a trip from school, planned and coordinated by Edvolve. They planned the trip unlike any other I’ve been on from school. The trip was informative, educational and equally fun and exciting. This venture will be a huge success and will succeed in its goal to take teaching outside classrooms and make it fun for students. Would 100% recommend Edvolve.

Arpit and team organized a tour to Pondicherry which was my son's first trip without his parents. The team handled the whole process extremely smoothly - may it be daily communication or arranging the kids' daily finances. By the end of the trip, the kids came back with a plethora of great experiences. Post completion of the tour, parents received a detailed report of the kid's strengths and how as parents we can hone thier skills. Overall a great 360° experience.

Chiraag Anushka

Students get very good exposure to general knowledge and it's application in life and are taught ways of dealing with problems in the long run, in a very fun manner which increases efficiency of learning in comparison with school learning. A company with great initiatives. A definite 5.

Outdoors on the #Gram

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